Uganda Animals

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Swahili is one of two official languages in Uganda. In this post, you’ll learn about Swahili animal names for more than 100 african animals, including lion, giraffe, warthog, cheetah, and elephant. To round things out, we include a list of 17 characters from Lion King translated from Swahili to English. Basic Swahili Names for Animals […] Read more

Hippos naturally producing pink milk? Sounds pretty amazing! Sadly, it’s false. Here’s where the story came from. And the real facts about hippo milk. Plus learn what this “blood sweat” does to help the hippo. And how researchers are trying to make a better sunblock through biomimicry. Is Pink Hippo Milk a Thing? No. There […] Read more

African grey parrots are famous for their intelligence and vocabulary. In this post, you’ll learn 44 African grey parrot facts, including differences between Timneh and Congo greys, ranges, diet, speaking ability, lifespan, appearance and more. Plus lots of photos, videos and resources. Guide to the African Grey Parrot Polly want a cracker? African grey parrots are […] Read more