July 22, 2024

Odeke: Power short-handed and weaker than last season

During their victory over Kampala Rockets Wednesday night, Dmark Power faced a challenging situation when Philip Ameny sustained an injury while contesting for a rebound. Despite his visible pain, Ameny continued to play as the five-time champions aimed to secure their second win of the season.

Ameny contributed 13 points, nine rebounds, and seven assists in 32 minutes of play, showcasing his importance to the team. However, with limited options on the bench, players like Ameny are forced to play significant minutes.

Timothy Odeke, the team’s coach, acknowledged the challenges they face due to a shortage of players. Departures at the end of the previous season and the inability to acquire significant additions have left the team short-handed.

Odeke highlighted the departure of key players like Elvis Mpeti, Ozias Kikomba, Mobanza Ndiga, and Stephen Otoa, emphasizing their importance to the team’s structure.

Despite efforts to strengthen the team’s frontcourt with signings like Salimu Kisilu and Mpeti, these moves fell through, leaving the team with limited depth.

Currently, Ameny, veteran Isaac Afidra, Sammad Imran, Elvis Mutebi, and Elvis Ssentongo are the mainstays of the team, with little support from the bench.

With a thin bench and inexperienced substitutes, Power faces challenges in maintaining consistency throughout the season. The team’s record of 2-2 places them at the bottom of the league standings, highlighting the need for improvement as they face the JT Jaguars next.

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