Welcome to Uganda!

Uganda is located in eastern Africa, on the northern shore of Lake Victoria – the largest lake in Africa. You can go gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, boating on Lake Victoria, or on a driving safari in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Here are some of the highlights of visiting Uganda, including animals, travel tips, foods, and more:

spotted hyena running

33 Wild Spotted Hyena Facts (Crocuta crocuta) Diet, Cubs…

Want to learn more about spotted hyenas? In this post, you'll learn 33 spotted hyena facts, including: Are they related to dogs? Do they really laugh? Are they dangerous or friendly? This post provides you answers to these ...
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hyena laugh

Why Do Hyenas Laugh? Laughing Hyenas 12 Sounds (and What They Mean)

The maniacal laughing of hyenas is one of Africa's most recognizable sounds. Why do hyenas laugh? Are they actually laughing? What does a hyena laugh mean? Do all species of hyenas laugh? In this post, we'll answer these ...
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zebra facts

60 Zebra Facts for Animal Lovers and Africa Travelers (All 3 Species)

Zebras are intriguing animals. They look like horses with black and white stripes. In this post, you'll learn 60 zebra facts. They include habits, habitat, risks, speed, coloring and more. Can you own a zebra as a pet? ...
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zebra sounds

What Sound Does a Zebra Make? [Audio] 4 Zebra Sounds, Barks, Noises

You might be surprised to learn that zebras are actually kinda noisy. What sound does a zebra make? In this post, you'll learn about 4 primary zebra sounds, barks, and noises. And what each sound means. 4 Zebra ...
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swahili animal names

102 Swahili Animal Names (Safari Guide for Travelers)

Swahili is one of two official languages in Uganda. In this post, you'll learn about Swahili animal names for more than 100 african animals, including lion, giraffe, warthog, cheetah, and elephant. To round things out, we include a ...
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what is a group of gorillas called

What Do You Call a Group of Gorillas? Guide to Gorilla Troop Size

What is a group of gorillas called? A group of gorillas is called a troop or a band. Sometimes they are called a whoop (from a comedy skit). The common collective nouns for gorillas include: troop, band, or ...
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Is hippo milk pink?

Is Hippo Milk Really Pink? Don't be Fooled! (Here's the Truth…)

Hippos naturally producing pink milk? Sounds pretty amazing! Sadly, it's false. Here's where the story came from. And the real facts about hippo milk. Plus learn what this "blood sweat" does to help the hippo. And how researchers ...
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how fast can a crocodile run

How Fast Can a Crocodile Run? (And Why You Don't Need to Be Scared)

So you're going on a trip. And you've been warned about crocodiles. Just how fast can a crocodile run? In this post, you'll learn about the speeds and habits of different crocodile species. We'll dispel some myths and ...
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African grey parrot

44 African Grey Parrot Facts (Complete Guide) Talkative Congo Grey Parrot

African grey parrots are famous for their intelligence and vocabulary. In this post, you'll learn 44 African grey parrot facts, including differences between Timneh and Congo greys, ranges, diet, speaking ability, lifespan, appearance and more. Plus lots of ...
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how strong is a gorilla

How Strong is a Gorilla? Silverback Strength vs Humans (Grizzly, Lion, Croc)

Just how strong is a gorilla? How does it compare to a human? In this post, you'll learn about a gorillas strength, including how much it can lift, it's bite strength and more. Who would win between a ...
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safari hat

The Best African Safari Hat for Jungle, Bush (+13 Runners Up) Men & Women

Safari hats might just be the first thing you think about as you plan your African adventure. (Aside from all the animals, of course.) But which is the best safari hat? In this post, you'll learn how to ...
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Uganda language

Uganda Language: Ultimate Travelers Guide (English, Swahili, +40 More)

Curious if you'll understand anyone in Uganda? In this post, you'll learn all about Uganda language, including English, Swahili, and Uglish. Learn about road signs, useful Swahili words, and how to learn the basics. Ultimate Travelers Guide: Uganda ...
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Hippo facts

57 Huge Hippo Facts: Complete Guide to the Massive Hippopotamus

Hippos are huge, docile mammals. Or are they? In this post, you'll learn 57 hippo facts about one of Africa's most dangerous animals. You'll learn about their size, habits, physical traits. And we also cover pink hippo milk ...
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Best travel insurance for Africa

Best Travel Insurance for African Safari: 3 Options, 8 Factors to Consider

Heading to Africa for a safari? Here's what you need to know about buying the best travel insurance for your safari. We include 3 options of best travel insurance for African safaris and 8 factors to consider when ...
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Popular Uganda Travel Posts

Best camera for safari

How to Choose the Best Camera for Safari [Buyers Guide]

Heading on a safari? Congratulations! Here's how to choose the best camera for safari and trekking adventures. We also include a detailed Buyers Guide that breaks down the 9 primary considerations when deciding on a camera for your ...
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Safari packing list

Complete African Safari Packing List [Checklist and Guide]

What do you need to pack for your upcoming safari? In this guide, you'll get the complete African safari packing list - including 4 factors to consider when packing, how to pack minimalist, and just what to include ...
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Birds of Uganda

18 Birds of Uganda: Birding in the Pearl of Africa (8 Top Birding Sites)

Heading to Uganda? Here are 18 birds of Uganda, ranging from the tiny black bee-eater to the large and weirdly-cute shoebill stork. Uganda is a top birding destination - and for good reason. 18 Birds of Uganda: Birding ...
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Best binoculars for the price

Going on a Safari? 12 Best Binoculars for the Money [Buyers Guide]

Are you going on a gorilla trek or safari in Uganda? In this post, you'll learn all about choosing the best binoculars for a safari (including 10 factors that you need to know) in our detailed buyer's guide. We ...
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Tree climbing African lion

Uganda Animals: 27 Amazing Safari Animals of Uganda

Looking for Uganda animals? In this post, you'll learn about 27 amazing animals that you can see while trekking and on safari in Uganda. They include mammals, birds, reptiles, and fish. 27 African Safari Animals in Uganda Uganda ...
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Things to do in Kampala Uganda

14 Things to Do in Kampala Uganda (Bonus: 11 Kampala Facts)

Thinking about visiting Kampala while in Uganda? In this post, you'll learn all about Uganda's capital city - interesting facts and many things to do in Kampala. Looking for facts about Kampala? Jump to that section now. 14 ...
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Places to visit in Uganda

26 Beautiful Places to Visit in Uganda: Nature, Culture, Wildlife

Looking for the best places to visit in Uganda? In this huge guide, you'll learn about 26 of the most beautiful and most interesting attractions in Uganda. Often called the “Pearl of Africa,” Uganda is a country jam-packed with ...
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Facts about Lake Victoria Uganda

18 Amazing Facts About Lake Victoria, Uganda: Location, Cichlids, Map, Size, Islands

Interested in Lake Victoria? In this post, you'll learn 18 interesting facts about Lake Victoria, including size, location, cichlids, wildlife, and the Ssese Islands. Lake Victoria Map But first, here's a zoomable map of Lake Victoria. For a realistic ...
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