July 22, 2024

The work environment is stressful for my wellbeing

Dear Caroline,

I am a Business Development Associate within a fast-moving goods organization’s marketing team. Unlike many organizations, we thrived after the challenges brought about by Covid-19. We underwent significant changes, transitioning to smaller teams, fostering a sense of team cohesion.

In the past six months, competition has intensified, and the pressure to meet targets has become more pronounced. Recently, I’ve observed a tense atmosphere in the workplace, with loose talk from managers that borders on being threatening. Consequently, I’m starting to feel stressed and anxious. Should I raise this with HR, considering that management may be contributing to the issues? What steps should I take? – Arnold

Dear Arnold,

Your situation sounds uncomfortable, and it’s essential to address these issues sooner rather than later. While taking a day off work might be ideal, given the current work demands, we may need to explore alternative solutions.

If you’re experiencing stress and anxiety, it’s crucial to prioritize your well-being. Consider taking breaks during your lunch hour to speak with a trusted friend outside of the workplace. Voicing your concerns can help you gain clarity and perspective, guiding you towards potential solutions.

It’s also essential to consider seeking professional help, such as therapy. Trained professionals can offer a supportive environment to navigate through your stresses. While it may involve some cost, it’s a valuable option. Additionally, discussing your concerns with a counselor at your place of worship can provide support during challenging times.

Furthermore, it’s vital to address the issue with your HR department. Informing them about the toxic work environment can help leaders understand its impact on teams and take necessary actions. Consider discussing it within your team and collectively raising it with HR.

The issue you’ve raised is more common than many realize, and fostering a trusting and supportive work environment is essential for organizational success and the well-being of its employees. Best of luck.

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