July 22, 2024

Leadership is about service to others not power – Kiyange

Ms Fatia Kiyange’s journey in leadership exemplifies the transformative impact of service. Over the years, she has not only provided support but has also fervently advocated for the rights of marginalized individuals in society.

Ms Kiyange currently serves as the executive director at the Center for Health, Human Rights, and Development (CEHURD), a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting health rights for vulnerable communities.

Her leadership journey began at a young age when she was born to a teenage mother at 15. Despite her mother’s challenges, Ms Kiyange’s tenacity for education was fueled by her mother’s determination to provide her with a good education.

Throughout her education, Ms Kiyange attended various schools, including Kitagobwa Primary School, Kibuli Demonstration School, and Nabisunsa Girls, where she pursued her O-Level and A-Level education. She later obtained a bachelor’s degree in Social Work and Social Administration from Makerere University.

Ms Kiyange’s career took shape through various roles, including voluntary work in different organizations, such as Intertec Testing Services (ITS) and Hospice Africa Uganda. Her passion for serving vulnerable populations led her to CEHURD, where she initially served as the deputy executive director before assuming the role of executive director in 2022.

Throughout her career, Ms Kiyange has spearheaded positive changes and mentored young leaders, particularly women. She emphasizes the importance of defining one’s goals, investing in relationships, and embracing challenges for personal and professional growth.

Despite facing challenges, including long working hours and gender biases, Ms Kiyange remains committed to her mission of improving the lives of the vulnerable. She encourages fellow women to overcome internal fears and boundaries to venture into leadership roles.

CEHURD, founded 15 years ago, focuses on advancing social justice and human rights in health systems, with interventions ranging from strategic litigation to community empowerment and knowledge generation.

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