April 15, 2024

Bombers captain ‘must defeat’ Romanian opponent

Joshua Tukamuhebwa, Uganda’s national boxing captain, secured a crucial victory at the 1st World Olympic Qualifiers in Busto Arsizio, Italy. Now, he needs just three more wins to secure his spot in the Paris 2024 Olympics. In the men’s seven weight categories, all semifinalists automatically qualify for Paris. However, in the unpredictable world of boxing, each match determines a boxer’s fate: win or go home.

Following his triumph over Guatemala’s Edgar Garcia in the Men’s 63.5kg Round of 64 bout, Tukamuhebwa faces Robert Eusebiu Jitaru next. Tukamuhebwa, exhibiting urgency, dominated Garcia until the referee stopped the bout in round three. Now, he must maintain his dominance against Jitaru, who scored a convincing victory against Namibian Elifas Shailemo.

Tukamuhebwa, aware of Jitaru’s style, remains confident in his abilities. Standing taller and stronger than his opponent, he is determined to secure another victory. Despite Jitaru’s experience, Tukamuhebwa ranks higher globally, giving him added confidence.

With several African boxers already eliminated from the qualifiers, Tukamuhebwa aims to continue his journey towards Olympic qualification. Meanwhile, Emily Nakalema seeks revenge against Ivanusa Gomes Moreira, setting the stage for intense bouts as they strive for Olympic tickets.

The upcoming matches will determine the fate of these athletes as they compete for a chance to represent their countries on the Olympic stage.

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