July 22, 2024

Govt to register Anglican Church land

The Ministry of Lands, Housing, and Urban Development, in collaboration with the Church of Uganda, is embarking on a project to register and issue land titles and customary certificates for Church-owned land. This initiative aims to formalize land ownership across various dioceses nationwide.

During a recent gathering, Minister Judith Nabakooba emphasized the importance of assisting churches in registering their land. She urged the Church to nominate a team to work alongside the ministry’s officials to identify and register untitled land parcels.

Addressing a group of bishops, Nabakooba highlighted the need for trustees to keep records updated and submit annual returns. Additionally, she encouraged utilizing regional land officers to address land-related matters efficiently.

The minister reiterated the significance of registering bonafide tenants on Church land to prevent land grabbing and fraud. She emphasized the risk of individuals registering land in their names, potentially leading to disputes over ownership in the future.

Archbishop Stephen Samuel Kaziimba Mugalu acknowledged the challenges faced by the Anglican Church due to untitled land. He emphasized the need for government intervention, particularly in resolving issues such as the Ndeeba Church dispute.

Despite progress in addressing certain land-related issues, Archbishop Kaziimba urged the government to fulfill its commitments, particularly concerning the reconstruction of St. Peter’s Church in Ndeeba.

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