July 22, 2024

NMG-U steps up digital journey

Stakeholders have highlighted the positive influence of Ugandans’ swift adoption of digital technology on the nation’s progress. This acknowledgment coincided with reports from the Uganda Communications Commission indicating a substantial rise in both fixed and mobile telephone subscriptions, as well as Internet subscriptions. Fixed and mobile telephone subscriptions increased by 600,000 from 28.3 million to 28.9 million, while Internet subscriptions grew by 352,000 from 21.5 million to 21.9 million.

During the signing of a memorandum of understanding among Nation Media Group Uganda (NMG-U), YO TV, and MTN in Kampala, Ms. Susan Nsibirwa, the Managing Director of NMG-U, emphasized the significance of embracing digitalization. She noted that the majority of people’s daily activities revolve around their phones, making portable gadgets like phones advantageous for accessing content anytime. Ms. Nsibirwa highlighted the potential of digital technology to unify the world on a single platform, citing partnerships with MTN and Yo TV as a means to consolidate offerings for NMG-U audiences, thus providing an unparalleled viewing experience.

Mr. Aggrey Mugisha, the CEO of YO TV, expressed that their partnership with NMG-Uganda would enhance local content promotion since all NMG-U products will be available on the YO TV platform digitally. He mentioned NMG-Uganda’s contribution to promoting local content by airing beloved television series like “Deception” and “The Hostel,” aligning with the government’s agenda of “Buy Uganda, Build Uganda.”

The partnership’s objective is to ensure that YO TV channels offer audiences comprehensive digital access, ensuring that NMG-U’s premium content seamlessly meets the demands of the digital era.

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