April 15, 2024

Time to ‘draw a line’ under Red Bull saga, says Horner

Christian Horner stated that it’s time to move forward and put an end to the controversy surrounding his behavior and the upheaval within his championship-winning Red Bull team. He acknowledged the extensive coverage of the situation, particularly regarding allegations of misconduct from a female team member. Horner emphasized the importance of returning to basics during a press conference in Jeddah before the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

Regarding the grievance raised against him, Horner mentioned that it was thoroughly investigated and dismissed, indicating that the team is moving forward. Earlier in the day, the accuser was suspended with full pay by Red Bull, following Horner’s clearance after an internal investigation.

Horner refrained from commenting on the specifics of the case, as it remains confidential. He declined to confirm the suspension of his accuser and expressed that everyone involved is bound by the same confidentiality restrictions.

The situation has been challenging for Horner and his family, with the entire episode dominating Formula One discussions for over three weeks. While Horner couldn’t delve into details, former F1 driver Ralf Schumacher echoed Jos Verstappen’s concerns about the impact on Red Bull if Horner remains in his position. Schumacher suggested that Horner’s insistence on retaining his position could lead to Max Verstappen leaving the team.

Despite the turmoil, Horner remains confident in Verstappen’s commitment to the team, stating that he’s certain Verstappen will fulfill his contract, which extends to 2028.

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